a written and/or recorded summary of the lesson will be provided upon request.


You will learn the basics of the language (pronunciation, vocabulary, key sentences, and grammar) through practice and simple exercices. In no time at all, you will be able to make short conversations (i.e. introduce yourself, talk about your family, order in a restaurant, ask for directions, etc.)

Intermediates and advanced
At these levels, Chantal's classes are conducted in French and customized to your needs to help you improve your conversation and writing skills quickly.

Chantal offers one-on-one interactive live classes over the Internet using Skype. By taking her class, you will be able to download a whiteboard for free. These classes are for all levels and all ages. She takes advantage of today's technology so each student gets the most out of her classes.

E-mail tutoring
You need help with your homework, E-mail it to her and she will correct it and explain to you her corrections and/or improvements . Also, she will help you in writing a letter to France (for hotel reservations, etc.)

Exam preparation
The DELF,  DALF, and TCF are official  French proficiency certifications, awarded by the French ministry of education.

Traveling French
Chantal will teach you the very basics of the language in just a few sessions to get by and enjoy the French people, their food and their culture. This class can be done online or in-person. She will provide a personal mp3 audio recording so you can practice at home at your own pace.

"....some of the hints you gave me about the menu were a help.  I didn’t order an entrée and expect it to be the main dish.
Thanks again for teaching me enough to be polite.  It opened doors, created smiles, ..... Merci,"
Ann R., Tuolumne County.

      French online
            using Skype
            an interactive
*           whiteboard.
'If you can take classes from Chantal in person, so much the better. However, doing it remotely via Skype is a viable alternative. I bet you'll enjoy your classes with her. I know I do."
Michael B. Mammoth Lakes, CA.
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"Thank you for all of your hard work and instruction with T. and C.  They made great progress this year thanks to your excellent efforts!  Both girls really enjoyed their time with you and learned a lot while having fun." 06/13/13.
Ann C. Georgetown, TX.